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Project Inspire August 2019

The Ceiling Comes Down!

The Ceiling Comes Down!

Everyone involved was a little nervous about pulling down the false hessian ceiling to see what lay above, so, after checking things weren’t too serious with a selfie stick and phone camera, we pulled down a small section. Fortunately, I wasn’t the one standing underneath when we pulled it down… Years worth of dust and insect skeletons rained down! The false ceiling and roof trusses were dismantled, along with anything else that appeared unnecessary. Disused, trailing cabling and trunking was removed.

This week, the classroom has been painted a bright white, from top to bottom. Next up – lighting and perhaps a few other alterations… Our excited Year 6 teachers are starting to get a little nervous as the start of the new academic year is looming and their classroom is nowhere near ready… WATCH THIS SPACE.


The temporary lighting is up thanks to Bower and Fuller’s generosity.

Now it’s down to our wonderful site manager and team to set up display boards and Smart board.

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