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Our Church School

Our Christian Vision

Our vision is to cultivate courageous, caring and compassionate individuals who are not only academically strong but also spiritually enriched and socially responsible. We aspire to create a nurturing and inspiring environment that promotes a sense of community, and instils responsibility in our students. By embodying Christian values, academic excellence, and a commitment to service, we empower our young learners to become the compassionate leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

Our Vision is reflected through our ethos underpinned by our Christian core values:


The account of Jesus calming the storm provides a story for children to understand how the disciples, in the sinking boat faced overwhelming fears. But when Jesus so quickly calmed the storm, their fears were quickly replaced with awe and worship. Many of us—especially children—carry the burden of fear, perhaps not realising that we can find places of calm and safety, just as Christians find calm and safety in Jesus. Having courage will give us the strength to keep calm and focus on the things that really matter. Mark 4:35-41

In the life of our school it also means that we…

  • try new things
  • love learning new skills and concepts
  • overcome obstacles
  • have a go
  • are happy to make mistakes
  • persevere when the going gets tough
  • make new friends
  • stick up for what is right
  • lead by example


As a Church of England school, we believe in serving our community based on the love of God for everyone including ourselves. This means that we are an inclusive school who welcomes all and accepts ourselves when we fail. In doing this we draw heavily upon Jesus’ teaching from John 15.12 where Jesus commands that we love as he has loved.

In the life of our school it also means that we…

  • are kind towards ourselves when we make mistakes
  • take care of ourselves by keeping healthy and safe
  • understand our emotions and how to express them
  • extend kindness, understanding and tolerance to others


As a Church of England school, we believe in caring for the planet as The Lord God asked us to in Genesis 2.15

In the life of our school it also means that we…

  • foster a love of the outdoors
  • appreciate the countryside and learn how to look after it
  • understand how to take action to protect our planet
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