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At Fingringhoe Primary School we strive for academic excellence, offering a rich and engaging curriculum that challenges and inspires our students. Through innovative teaching methods and a growth mindset approach, we equip them with the tools to become lifelong learners, continually seeking knowledge and personal growth.

Our vision is to cultivate compassionate, confident, and capable young minds who are not only academically strong but also spiritually enriched and socially responsible. We aspire to create a nurturing and inspiring environment that promotes a sense of community, and instils responsibility in our students. By embodying Christian values, academic excellence, and a commitment to service, we empower our young learners to become the compassionate leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

'Readers are Leaders'

We firmly believe that literacy is the foundation of all learning. Our vision is to empower our students to become avid readers, recognising that through the power of books and knowledge, they can become the leaders of tomorrow. By fostering a love for reading, we aim to unlock the vast potential within each child, nurturing their curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.


As a Church of England school, we embrace the values of community and inclusivity. Our vision is to create a warm and welcoming environment where students, staff, parents, and members of the wider community feel a strong sense of belonging. Through open communication and collaboration, we build bridges that connect all stakeholders, celebrating diversity and mutual respect.


Rooted in Christian principles, our vision is to instill a sense of spiritual awareness and moral responsibility in our students. We aim to teach them the importance of compassion, empathy, and kindness towards others, nurturing the seeds of character that will guide them to become future guardians of the natural world.

Please note our ‘Whole School Curriculum Map’ is a working document and is continuously under review. For additional information on the curriculum, please follow the three links below.

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