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Our Staff

Headteacher - Mrs H Coyle

Co-Headteacher - Ms D Parker
SENDCo - Mrs R Niven
Willow Class
Early Years Foundation Stage
Miss P O'Toole - TeacherMrs C Harrington-Clark - Learning Support Assistant
Beech Class
Key Stage One
Year 1 and Year 2
Miss L Baker - Teacher Mrs L Bloom-Learning Support Assistant (PT)
Mrs A Trew -Learning Support Assistant (PT)
Ms T Clark - Learning Support Assistant (afternoons)
Mrs J Page - Learning Support Assistant (afternoons)
Maple Class
Key Stage Two
Year 3 and Year 4
Mrs R Rees - Senior Teacher (PT)
Mrs E Hurst - Teacher (PT)
Mrs D Pickwell - Learning Support Assistant
Ms T Clark - Learning Support Assistant (mornings)
Elm Class
Key Stage Two
Year 5 and Year 6
Mr J Payne - Teacher Mrs D Wright - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Admin StaffMrs H Brightwell - Office Manager
Mrs T Youngs - Finance Manager
Ms C Wheeler - Finance Manager Tiptree and Stanway Consortium
BAA Lead Mrs J Page
Breakfast ClubMrs K Stainer
Catering StaffMrs K Stainer
Ms L Guernari - Catering Support Manager - Essex County Council
Midday Assistants Mrs D Pickwell - Senior Midday Assistant
Mrs L Bloom
Ms T Clark
Mrs Harrington-Clark
Mrs J Page
Mrs A Trew
Premises Staff Mrs J Bolam - Caretaker
Mr N Bagley - Premises Manager - North East Premises Group
Mr P Palmer - Diocesan Premises Manager
Wellbeing MentorMrs A Trew
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