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At Fingringhoe C of E Primary School, we believe phonics and early reading should be wholly inclusive. We understand that reading is a fundamental skill which every child requires to access learning throughout their time with us. Nurturing this, and a love for literature enables children to explore the world around them, make connections with their own lives and escape to magical worlds through texts.

We believe that all our children can become fluent readers and writers. We teach reading through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised, which is a systematic and synthetic phonics programme. The teaching of phonics begins in EYFS and continues to build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell as they move through Key Stage 1.

We do however recognise and acknowledge all children are individuals and will undoubtedly learn at different speeds. Therefore, assessments are used to identify and targets gaps in knowledge. This approach into Lower Key Stage 2 ensures the need for additional support is quickly identified and addressed, allowing children the opportunity to revisit and revise content through ‘Keep Up’ sessions.

Once children move into Key Stage 2, we continue to develop and build on their foundations of phonics and comprehending through daily reading lessons. Furthermore, scheduling regular opportunities for independent reading to foster a love of learning and to instil a passion for literature.

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