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Starting School and Admission Arrangements

Starting School:

When starting school, we know that parents and children can have mixed emotions. We work closely with families and early years settings to ensure as smooth a start as possible. We make visits to pre-schools and nurseries beforehand as well as organising induction sessions so our staff can get to know the children and you can get to know us. Our early years staff take great delight in providing a wonderful and exciting classroom space with carefully planned lessons and activities to engage pupils.

“An enabling environment has successfully been created where activities are designed to interest and stimulate children’s learning through play. Children are highly motivated and eager to join in demonstrating curiosity, imagination and concentration; they are confident and eager to talk about their learning. Well established routines enable children to settle quickly and independently. Pupil behaviour is good and pupils interact safely with each other and the environment.” Local Authority 2017

Admission Arrangements:

We welcome visits to our school by anyone interested in seeking a place for their child. If you wish to visit the school or have any queries regarding admissions, please contact the school office. 

Parents wishing for their Reception-age child to attend the school should make a formal application through the co-ordinated primary admissions scheme operated by Essex County Council, using the common application form. Applications for Year R must be received by the Local Authority on or before their published closing date for admission.

Mid-year admissions

From 1st April 2022, mid-year admissions will now be processed by the school. If you wish to apply for a place for your child to start mid-year, please apply directly to the school using the mid-year application form below.

Mid-year admissions form

If an application is to be made, parents are invited to complete the school’s “Supplementary Information Form” in support of this, available here

Full Admissions Policy available here:





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